Hintergrund Grafikelement

Field trial


As a specialized engineering and research company, we are able to plan and set-up fuel cell powered micro-combined heat and power (µCHP) units together with our project partners. The aim is to consequently plan and implement such systems with the target of ‘no longer pure combustion of primary energy without producing electrical power’. As an example, in late 2011 the first PEM fuel cell based µCHP unit was successfully brought into operation together with the township Sanem, Luxembourg.

The reason for implementing µCHP technology in single-family homes is quite simple as the the technology offers very silent operation, minimal supply losses and a very attractive current-to-heat performance ratio.
A direct consequence of these facts is that a very long operating time of more than 6,000 hours per year is realistic in this particular field trial.

In this pioneering project, heat and power is very efficiently supplied to a small school building in Ehlerange. All project partners use this particular project to evaluate the technology and to make it accessible for their citizens. Siegel Schleimer Ingénieurs-conseils s.à r.l. delivered solutions from the first project scratch to the final realization. Important milestones were the feasibility study, the engineering, the hydraulic implementation, the supervising during all technical installations with selected partners, the start of operation and the monitoring of all significant parameters of the µCHP unit.

The service of Siegel Schleimer Ingénieurs-conseils s.à r.l. also includes detailed analysis of the interaction between very efficient technology and intelligent building interactions (e.g. monitoring packages, smart metering, solutions for smart grid interactions, contracting, upcoming home energy management system).

“Climate Star 2012”

The success of this project is underlined by the fact that the township Sanem receiving the well-known European award Climate Star 2012. Moreover, the project recently received the national „Prix spécial nova naturstroum“.

Please contact us directly for more information, visits, and the possibility to participate in European funded field trials in the forthcoming years.